Condominiums Get Fireplaces

Nestled in the Toronto waterfront is a condominium project known as West Harbor City. One problem they wrestled with was how to add standard features buyers like. Fireplaces are hard to provide for in large condominium projects. Opening and closing vents provides one major problem. And that merely scratches the surface.

So, when senior partners of the realty corporation handling sales for the condominium project got their heads together, they were able to come up with a great solution. Looking to Europe they found their answer. Owning an apartment has been a way of life for many people across Europe. What do they do about having a fireplace? They install what is known as the vent-less gel fireplace.

A question many people ask when they hear all these details is why the senior partners of the realty corporation are deciding on what fireplaces to install. See, that’s the most attractive thing about vent-less gel fireplaces. They are easy to install. They are inexpensive. And they made the condominiums unbelievably marketable.

A traditional fireplace would require a chimney and a hearth. That takes extra construction costs. Plus, it’s just not feasible to have a series of fireplaces lining one chimney and having every occupant in accord with the vents. Getting smoked out would eventually happen. Providing each occupant with a chimney of their own is even more cost inhibition.

Vent-less gel fireplaces are just what they seem. They don’t require a vent. They don’t require any construction at all. They make the perfect solution for apartment buildings and condominiums everywhere. They have an authentic fire that rumbles from realistic looking cement logs just like a gas fireplace would have. But, gas fireplaces require vents just like traditional fireplaces so they don’t make a very viable option either.

When couples walk into a condominium they are thinking of purchasing, they see a fireplace. They don’t see the difference between a traditional fireplace and a vent-less gel fireplace. All they know is that they are going to have plenty of romantic evenings together accompanied by the ambiance of a crackling fire in their living or anywhere else around their condo.

It was a great marketing strategy for West Harbor City. Buyers were purchasing more than one unit. That seems to be the trend these days. As the units sold, the realty corporation realized they had made a great decision. Vent-less gel fireplaces are perfect for any living situation.